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Welcome to the Reservoir Pond Preservation Association.

Board Members Contacts
Jim Rogers
Sandy Denehy
Steve Hughes

Reservoir Pond Update:

Article 35 at the April 25th/ 27th Annual Town Meeting (ATM) not only received the necessary 2/3 vote it actually got 3/3 of the vote allowing the town to take ownership of the Reservoir Pond and the Pleasant Street dam.

Thanks to the Selectmen for drafting the agreement and supporting it; with special thanks to the chairman of the board Sal Salvatori who led the way and delivered an eloquent presentation of the article. Thanks also go out to Paul Schneiders, Cathy Waldman, and Linda Rogers who helped to get the word out along with many others who made calls, sent e-mails and went door to door. I can't say enough about the support from the Orchard Cove residents who turned out in large numbers, many staying until 11:30 Monday and then returning on Wednesday. Finally thank you to all who turned out and secured the vote.

We look forward to the full execution of the agreement and the repair of the dam.

Jim Rogers,

President RPPA